Striving for Excellence, Not Just Simplicity - Unearthing the Optimal Solution

My Identity

I have served as the Chief Technology Officer in four companies below spanning the fields of AI, Finance, Robotics, and Logistics. 

Dendra Systes Ltd, Oxford
Leading a team of AI & Engineering professionals. Spearheading the utilization of computer graphics and advanced Machine Learning techniques to analyze vegetation imagery captured by drones (big ones!). Leveraging these insights to drive reforestation efforts.

Greyparrot AI, London
Leading a small team of top-notch ML experts and senior engineers. Building a high-tech product that analyses trash and controls sorting robots. Based on computer vision and ML

Field Energy Ltd, London
Leading and growing a team of Engineers, AI experts and Data scientists creating an optimisation platform that ensures that we’re getting absolutely everything out of battery assets to compensate the volatility of renewable energy sources.

Royal Mail Group Ltd, UK
Led 140 engineers, transformed a classic IT department into a high performing team with ambitioned engineers solving complex optimization problems.

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